Claims Suggest Microsoft’s Surface Team is Crafting the Upcoming Xbox Device

The team that developed the Xbox Series X|S is not building the next Xbox device. Jason Ronald, who led the development of the Xbox Series X|S, will not be in charge of developing the next Xbox device.

The Microsoft Surface team is taking over the development of the next Xbox device. This is a significant shift as the Surface team is known for their work on Microsoft’s line of tablets and laptops.

It’s unclear whether the next device will be a full console or a handheld device. However, the involvement of the Surface team could suggest a move towards the handheld gaming market.

Microsoft is set to announce its immediate plans for the future of Xbox this week. This comes after rumors started to circulate about first-party Xbox games releasing on other platforms.

There are rumors that the next major release from Microsoft on the Xbox side could dive into the handheld gaming market. This would be a significant shift in strategy for the company.

GLAR has reached out to Xbox and Microsoft for comments on these claims. While a response isn’t expected, any received will be added to the ongoing story.

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