Clash Royale Cannoneer: Release Date, Stats & More

Clash Royale is introducing a powerful new defense for players’ Crown Towers, The Cannoneer. This Epic rarity Tower Troop comes equipped with a giant cannon capable of blasting both ground and air troops.

The Cannoneer will hit the arena on January 1st, 2024 with the start of Season 55. The release promises to add more dynamic meta, offering players new gameplay experiences.

The Cannoneer distinguishes himself with his overwhelming strength. His cannon deals approximately 4 times more damage than the Tower Princess with each shot. However, this power comes at the cost of speed, with a hit speed of 0.42, only a third of the Tower Princess’ rate of fire.

The Cannoneer has 2616 HP, 14% less than the Tower Princess’ 3052 HP. He deals a whopping 422 damage per hit, almost 4 times the 109 damage of the Tower Princess. Both Troops share the same 7.5 range.

 Players must upgrade the Cannoneer to boost his stats. He unlocks from special Tower Troop Chests containing Cannoneer cards. Upgrading requires spending the Troop’s cards, as well as gold and Elite Wild Cards.

The Cannoneer brings heavy firepower to Crown Tower defense, but his slow speed requires careful planning. He shines against high HP single troops. His burst damage can quickly obliterate a Giant before it even reaches the bridge. Players may opt to pair him with faster support troops to cover his weaknesses

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