CoD Modern Warfare 3 Leaks: operators and weapon skins, ninja perk, war mode, more

By- Alex

Leaks suggest that Modern Warfare 3, a full-fledged premium title, is being developed by Sledgehammer Games.

The leaks indicate that Modern Warfare 3 will bring back the Ninja perk, the War mode from Call of Duty World War II, and red dots on the mini map, among other features.

Perks in Modern Warfare 3 will be categorized as 'gear', with different gear sets providing different perks.

 The game's UI will resemble the current UI in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Enemy players will appear on the minimap when firing unsuppressed guns, and perks will not need to be earned as the game progresses.

Modern Warfare 3's perks will be categorized by gear in four slots, determining which perks players have access to.

The design of Modern Warfare 3 is similar to Modern Warfare 2, as it was initially intended to be an MW2 DLC.

 Leaks also suggest that classic maps from past Call of Duty titles may be featured in the next CoD game.

Also, there are indications that operators and weapons from Modern Warfare 2 could transfer over to Modern Warfare 3.