Could Firefly Be a Future Playable Character in Honkai Star Rail?

Firefly is an interstellar refugee in Honkai Star Rail, suffering from a rare disease called Entropy Loss Syndrome. In the dream world of Penacony, she is free of the disease.

Firefly has become a fan favorite through her appearances in the Trailblazer missions. Players are slowly learning more about this mysterious character.

In Honkai Star Rail version 2.0, Firefly meets a tragic end. After a battle with the boss “Something Unto Death,” she re-enters the dream world and is stabbed through the chest.

While only killed in the dream world, Firefly is gone from the main story for now. However, many fans feel her death was unearned and expect her return.

Firefly’s unique design and mysterious ideals suggest that she could become a playable character in the future. This is a topic of speculation among players on Reddit.

For now, fans must wait patiently for future updates. Firefly’s survival could certainly be tied to unlocking her as a playable fighter.

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