Counter-Strike 2 Inferno overhaul revealed in new leaks

By- Alex

Images of the overhauled Inferno map from CS:GO have been discovered in the game files after the latest update to the CS2 limited playtest.

 The changes to Inferno have impressed players and blown them away.

Counter-Strike enthusiast PDylan shared four new stills of Inferno, showcasing both bombsites, T Spawn, and the refurbished Church with new lighting.

The entire map has received a facelift, including new structures for buildings, a redesigned fountain on B, and an impressive Italian church.

One notable gameplay change is the removal of a wall covering the stairway in the graveyard on A site, making it less favorable for CTs to hide.

The changes to Inferno may address complaints about difficulty in site retakes, particularly on A site.

Reactions from CS:GO players were mostly positive, with many expressing excitement and appreciation for the updated map. However, some players were critical of the new "theme" of the map, suggesting it deviated from the quaint Italian village style and resembled "sand-themed maps" like Dust2.