Datamine hints at upcoming PS5 and Switch versions of Hi-Fi Rush

A dataminer has uncovered compelling evidence suggesting that Hi-Fi Rush may be coming to PS5 and Switch.

 Earlier this week, the game received an update celebrating its first anniversary, introducing new t-shirts for players to wear in-game.

Each platform (Xbox, Steam, and Epic Games Store) received its own exclusive shirt. The Xbox version got a green shirt saying “shadow dropped”, Epic Games Stores got one saying “this is simply unreal epic”, and Steam owners got one saying “Be Positive (Overwhelmingly)”.

The dataminer found textures for two other shirts which aren’t currently in the game but appear to have been made for future PS5 and Switch ports. The apparent Switch shirt is red and says “rock out anywhere”, while a blue shirt saying “I’m here baby” appears to refer to the game finally arriving on PS5.

Speculation that Hi-Fi Rush would go multiplatform soon has been ongoing for the past month, after the Nate the Hate podcast claimed that Microsoft is planning to bring one of its “more acclaimed” first-party games to competing platforms this year.

The show didn’t name the game in question, but noted that it was “in the game of the year conversation” in the year that it was released, leading to speculation that it could be Hi-Fi Rush.

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