Early Persona 5 Build Leaks, Revealing Unused Theme Song

A pre-release build of Persona 5 has leaked, with files from this early version of the game being shared around social media.

One of the most interesting finds is a bunch of unreleased music, largely compiled of early versions of tracks that never made it into the final game.

An unused version of the title song, Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There, with a completely different backing track and vocals was discovered. The lyrics are totally different, pointing to a lot of changes being made during Persona 5’s development.

 These files are reportedly from a prototype dated February 26, 2016. This would be just months before launch, and still, there were so many differences between this and the final build.

As fans dive in, they’ve uncovered a debug menu, cut content, and more. The leaks are credited to the Hidden Palace user, FrostWolf.

It’s not clear where the build comes from. The group going over the data has pulled the files from several physical discs, and some kind of private sale has been alluded to. Atlus has not responded to the leak at the time of writing.

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