Epic Games attempts to add Nintendo characters to Fortnite

Epic Games executives have tried to add Nintendo characters to Fortnite, but have yet to succeed.

Fortnite is known for its collaborations with TV shows, celebrities, movies, and other video game titles, allowing players to represent their favorite characters in a unique metaverse.

Following the recent Big Bang event, Epic Games revealed plans for more collaborations in the upcoming season, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Family Guy, LEGO, G.I. Joe, and The Weeknd.

Despite the addition of various popular franchises, Nintendo’s iconic characters like Link, Princess Peach, and Ash Ketchum are noticeably absent from the game.

Epic Games executive Saxs Persson revealed that Nintendo has not shown interest in a Fortnite collaboration, indicating a one-sided desire from Epic’s end.

Fortnite continues to expand its creative universe and explore new collaborations, with Persson noting that a rating change due to a partnership with LEGO has opened up new possibilities. However, Epic Games and Fortnite have not commented on future collaborations or working with Nintendo.

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