Final Fantasy 16 Might Be Coming To Xbox Soon,

Notable industry insider Shpeshal Nick has claimed that Final Fantasy 16, one of the best RPGs in the current generation, might be coming to Xbox consoles.

Nick’s claim is based on information from a source who previously correctly unveiled Visions of Mana for Xbox Developer Direct.

Many gamers have been eagerly waiting for the release of Final Fantasy 16 on Xbox ever since the timed exclusivity with PS5 ended.

Co-host Jon Clarke believes that Final Fantasy 16 will be released on Xbox the following year after FF14 drops on the Xbox consoles.

The game was once in development for the PS4, but it was stopped midway because the PS4 was not robust enough to provide good visuals with no loading screens.

Final Fantasy 16 was released on June 22, 2023, for the PlayStation 5. A PC release is still unannounced but planned for the future.

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