Final Fantasy XVI: DLC Story, Length, and PC Port Details

The first part of the DLC, Echoes of the Fallen, is about 3 hours long if you focus on simply clearing the story. It includes a story and challenging boss fights typical of FF16.

The second expansion, The Rising Tide, is quite substantial in volume and includes side quests. With additional content, it totals around 10 hours of gameplay.

The setting for the second part of the DLC seems to be north of Northreach, in the Macleod Durow Hills, beyond the mysterious mass visible across the sea.

Levaiathn is confirmed as a new summon that will be released as a part of the new expansion, The Rising Tide.

The second DLC, The Rising Tide, teases a major ‘summoned beast battle’ and a final boss fight where Clive is controlled.

The PC port is actively being developed. An SSD is recommended for the best experience possible for Final Fantasy XVI. The exact recommended specs will be announced at a later time.

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