Former Rockstar dev explains why GTA 6 isn’t coming to PC at launch

Former Rockstar developer Mike York explains why the company often prioritizes console releases over PC, with the latter usually getting a port release months or years later.

Rockstar Games recently unveiled the first official trailer for GTA 6, a game that’s been in development for over a decade. The trailer has already broken viewership records on YouTube.

After the trailer’s release, it was confirmed that GTA 6 will be released on Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5, leaving fans wondering about a PC port.

Rockstar typically releases their games on console first, with a PC version added later after the initial launch.

York revealed that developers often focus on the PlayStation version of the game first, before porting over to Xbox and then, much later, to PC. This is because PlayStation has historically been the big seller.

While the timeline for a PC release of GTA 6 is uncertain, Rockstar’s history suggests that it will eventually be available on PC.

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