Fortnite x Devil May Cry Leaks: Release Window, Possible Skins & More

Fortnite Crew is back in February 2024 with some amazing rewards, including a new skin! After unveiling the Silask Hesk skin last month, this month we’re shining the spotlight on Lana Llane.

Meet Lana Llane, the groovy llama-inspired outfit sporting a chic bucket hat and vibrant, funky colors!

With each month of subscription to Crew Legacy, you’ll get to unlock Cosmetics. However, if you subscribe now, you won’t instantly receive the other locked skins.

Silas Hesk Legacy Cosmetics Llamatic Legacy Auric Legacy Phase Legacy Rimebound Legacy Cosmic Legacy

The Drops will be available to all Fortnite Crew Subscribers on January 30th.

Stay tuned to discover everything about the Fortnite Crew subscription rewards, skins, legacy cosmetics, and more in Fortnite Crew for February 2024. Enjoy the game!

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