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Fortnite’s Return to iPhone: In January 2024, Epic Games announced that Fortnite would be returning to iOS later this year, influenced by the Digital Markets Act (DMA). However, this return is now unlikely.

Apple Users’ Disappointment Fans were eagerly awaiting Fortnite’s return to all devices. Unfortunately, they received bad news - Fortnite will not be available for Apple users.

 Apple Terminates Epic Games’ Account: On March 6th, Apple terminated Epic Games’ developer accounts for iOS, meaning the company can no longer develop the Epic Games Store for iPhone.

Epic Games’ Accusations: Epic Games accuses Apple of violating the DMA and hindering true competition. They claim that Apple sees Epic Games as too much of a competition

Reason for Termination: The alleged reason for termination is Epic Games speaking out against Apple’s unfair and illegal practices and being a threat to the iOS ecosystem. Epic Games has been transparent about the situation and shared all of its correspondence with Apple.

 Stay Tuned: This is a developing story. Stay tuned for more information on this topic as it unfolds.

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