Next-Gen Gaming Shock: PlayStation 6 and Xbox Could Cost You More or Deliver Less

Future consoles like the PlayStation 6 and the next generation Xbox are expected to have either smaller performance gains or significantly higher prices over their predecessors.

Sony COO Hiroki Totoki has stated that it’s becoming harder to grow profits on the PlayStation 5 as the life cycle proceeds due to parts becoming more expensive.

Known AMD leaker Kepler has indicated that the cost per transistor, which remained flat through FinFETs, is set to go up with the transition to GAAFETs/CFETs, signaling the end of free cost savings with simple die shrinks.

Kepler’s comments align with rumors about the next Microsoft console, which is said to release in two SKUs, one of them a handheld that will be less powerful than the main SKU.

Sony’s next generation console is reportedly planned to be the most powerful console of its generation, raising questions about how Sony will handle the system’s pricing in relation to its capabilities.

hese developments highlight the challenges and decisions facing the gaming industry as it navigates technological advancements and market dynamics.

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