Genshin Impact 4.0 Weapons: new 5-star, 4-star, craftable, and battle pass weapons

By- Alex

The version 4.0 update of Genshin Impact introduces new 4-star and 5-star weaponS.

Lyney's signature 5-star bow, "The First Great Magic," is leaked for the Fontaine patch.

Fontaine will have its own set of craftable weapons, similar to Inazuma and Sumeru.

The Battle Pass in version 4.0 will feature new weapons, including the Wolf-Fang sword, Talking Stick claymore, Ballad of the Fjords polearm, Sacrificial Jade catalyst, and Scion of the Blazing Sun bow.

Players buying the Battle Pass can obtain these 4-star weapons with Crit-Rate as the secondary stat.

Fontaine introduces free and craftable 4-star weapons, such as the Finale of the Deep sword, Tidal Shadow claymore, Rightful Reward polearm, Flowing Purity catalyst, and Song of Stillness bow.

The blueprints for these weapons can be acquired and then forged by blacksmiths with the required materials.

Fontaine also introduces fishing areas and a fishing association where players can exchange rare types of fish for a free 4-star sword.

This new free 4-star sword is called Crossing of Fleuve Cender, which is an ER-based weapon.