Genshin Impact Chiori: Leaks on character design, rarity, and element

By- Alex

 The Genshin Impact community is excited about recent leaks revealing new information about upcoming Fontaine characters, particularly Chiori.

. Previous leaks hinted at Chiori's Inazuma roots and connections to other Genshin Impact characters, and the latest leaks further support these claims.

Concept art of Chiori showcases her using a kanzashi to maintain her updo ponytail and wearing a frock with traditional elements such as a sash and corsage.

Chiori's character design reflects her blend of modern clothing with Inazuma's traditional elements, and her personality is represented by floral elements.

 Earlier leaks suggested that Chiori would be an Electro character, but a recent leak now claims she will be a 5-star character.

The release date for Chiori is currently unknown, as there has been no marketing for her till now.

In-game dialogs from the latest addition, Kirara, provide information about Chiori's personality and occupation as a famous Inazuma designer running a clothing label in Fontaine.