Genshin Impact Current and Upcoming Genshin Impact Banner

HoYoverse’s hit fantasy RPG, Genshin Impact, regularly introduces new characters and weapons through special limited-time “wish banners”. These banners allow players to strategically plan their spending to build their dream team.

The current banner, running until February 20th, features the newly added Xianyun and the returning Nahida. The banner also showcases the new Pyro user Gaming and the ongoing Bow support Faruzan as featured 4-stars.

The ongoing Epitome Invocation arms gacha highlights two signature catalysts tailor-made for Xianyun and Nahida: Crane’s Echoing Call and A Thousand Floating Dreams. The banner also includes various Sacrificial series armaments as boosted 4-star options.

The next Genshin Impact Banner, running from February 20th through March 12th, will feature Xiao and Yae Miko as the lead stars. These characters are long-desired targets for many players.

Beyond these banners, HoYoverse teases more additions following the Lantern Rite activities, keeping players excited for what’s to come.

With knowledge of the current and upcoming Genshin Impact wish banners, players can spend wisely and continue their Genshin journeys with a strategic advantage.

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