Genshin Impact Dottore: new leaks, design, and speculations 

By- Alex

Genshin Impact Dottore's complete character design has been leaked, generating excitement among players.

The leaked images hint at a possible "awakening" for Dottore, similar to Scaramouche, which may introduce a new design for the character.

Dottore's leaked design differs significantly from his depiction in the pre-launch manga, providing an exciting look at his playable version.

Speculation suggests that Dottore will wield a Claymore with an unknown element, possibly Cryo or Hydro, and may have healing or buffing abilities.

Dottore, also known as Zandik, is the second Fatui Harbinger and originally from Sumeru.

Dottore appeared in the "Winter Night's Lazzo" teaser and played a major antagonistic role in the Sumeru Archon Quest.

 His encounters with Nahida led to his clones being scattered across Teyvat, and one of his clones seeks revenge and befriends the Traveler.

Dottore possesses powers related to his scientific prowess and has the ability to assume different forms and create clones of himself.

Dottore is likely to have his own boss fight in the game, and it is highly probable that he will become a playable character in the future, wielding a claymore and potentially being a Hydro or Cryo unit.