Genshin Impact Fontaine: Release date, areas, gameplay, leaks and more

By- Alex

The release date for Genshin Impact v4.0 and the Fontaine expansion is estimated to be August 16, 2023, although there is no official announcement.

Fontaine is known for its focus on justice and features various races similar to the Aranara in Sumeru.

The world of Fontaine was revealed during the v3.8 Special Program, showcasing different terrains and underwater biomes through unseen footage.

The primary city of Fontaine was shown, featuring modern architecture and NPCs in Victorian attire.

Alice's narration in the showcase introduced a diligent Melusine character known for her sense of justice and fearless patrolling.

Gameplay footage was also displayed, featuring the Traveler exploring the underwater biome and solving puzzles while interacting with enemies.

Leaks on Fontaine concept art has also surfaced, some of which aligns with the official teaser, providing insights into the open world, architecture, and characters.