Genshin Impact Freminet: leaks reveal upcoming character

By- Alex

A playable character named Freminet has been leaked in Genshin Impact, with hints suggesting his involvement with the Fontaine region.

The leaks reveal that Freminet will be a Claymore wielder, confirmed by his in-game model's Global ID.

Freminet's leaked design showcases him as a teenage boy wearing a coat, cap, shorts, and boots.

The leaked image represents his potential final in-game playable model, which may still undergo changes

The appearance of Freminet in a limited banner and specific release details are unknown but confirmed to be in the 4.0 update of Fontaine alongside other characters.

According to leaks, Freminet is expected to be a 4-star character wielding a Claymore and having the Cryo vision.

Information regarding Freminet's abilities and gameplay kit is currently unknown, but leaks are expected to surface closer to the release of version 4.0.

The leaked lore suggests that Freminet is a diver who requires precision and concentration while working with machinery, leading him to appear aloof and unemotional in conversations.

There is speculation that Freminet's diving occupation may tie him to underwater biomes in the Fontaine region, possibly serving as a guide for the Traveler.