Genshin Impact Goth Girl: leaks showcase upcoming Fontaine character

By- Alex

New Genshin Impact leaks showcase more images of the "Goth Girl" character from the upcoming Fontaine region.

The character's actual name is yet to be confirmed, but she is referred to as Goth Girl due to her distinctive design with lavender braids, a black hat, and eye shadow.

The leaked images provide different views of Goth Girl, allowing fan artists and cosplayers to use them as reference material.

An interesting accessory on Goth Girl is a bear trap on her back, although it is unclear if she uses it in combat.

The leaked information reveals that Goth Girl will use the Pyro element, as indicated by the Pyro Vision on her right hip.

Her weapon type and rarity are still unknown, and her release date has not been confirmed.

There are unconfirmed leaks suggesting Goth Girl's association with the Hexenzirkel, but little information is available about this rumor.

Another leak showcases a 3D model of Goth Girl, although the source of this render is currently unknown

Hexenzirkel rumor or the blurry 3D image, may not be entirely accurate, and details shown in 2D artwork could undergo minor changes.