@BLANK, a well-known Genshin leaker discovered a few in-game files about Kaveh and stated, "He[Kavi] is in the same situation as Kuki Shinobu. Mentioned from in-text early, released later."

Leaks have informed that there is a new character called Kaveh (卡维), who is a famous architect in Sumeru.

Kaveh is the creator of the Palace of Alcazarzaray and a roommate of Alhaitham. Kaveh is living in Al Haitham's house because he is in debt.

Kaveh and Al Haitham graduated from the same school, where Kaveh was the upperclassman and Al Haitham was the underclassman.

The popular Genshin Impact character - Al-Haitham, whose identity has been repeatedly leaked has been described as "rigid and dispassionate" by Kaveh.

Kaveh has reportedly been mentioned in Dori, Collei, and Tighnari's "About" voice lines so it is possible that he will be a part of the 3.1 beta

One About Kaveh voiceline reveals, "Kaveh spent the entire dinner complaining about Alhaitham while the rest tried not to laugh."

Previous leaks suggest that Cyno, Candace, and Nilou will join us in version 3.1, so, we will probably get to see both Alhaitham and Kaveh in version 3.2 or later on.