Kusanali is going to be an extremely important character in the upcoming Genshin Impact updates and the official Genshin Impact trailers call her Nahida.

An early datamine showed that Nahida was a Catalyst user. If that is still accurate today, then that means she's a 5-star Dendro Catalyst user.

Story spoilers from the leakers have also revealed a few aspects of Nahida's personality, strength, and intentions.

She is the first Archon we met to extend their hand to help us first. The fact that she is a kid doesn't mean she acts like one.

From all the archons we have seen, Kusanali is far better than Venti in terms of attitude towards us. She is a very smart person. She knows a lot of things.

Nahida will probably be broken as every archon in the game is. However, it is possible that Dendro Application will probably be Nahida's best Dendro application.

Kusanali or Nahida is really powerful on a mind level, you would love her before you even start the fight. She is the God of Wisdom and she is literally a walking book full of secrets.