Genshin Impact Leak Teases New Fontaine NPCs

By- Alex

A leak from Genshin Impact reveals designs for NPCs from the upcoming Fontaine region, introducing the non-human Melusine race.

The game has featured memorable NPCs like Dunyarzad, Rana, and Jeht, and now new NPCs will be introduced in Fontaine.

The Melusines are anthropomorphized animals and will be the latest non-human NPCs in the game.

Images leaked by Vississ show the first in-game appearances of Melusine NPCs, featuring different colorations and markings.

Some Melusines have less extravagant attire, hinting at a class divide within Fontaine.

Alongside the Melusines, robotic figures have been shown in Fontaine City, expanding the game's depiction of machines.

Fontaine's release is expected in Version 4.0 of Genshin Impact, with new characters, gameplay elements like diving, and the introduction of Melusines.