Genshin Impact leaks Dahlia upcoming Heterochromia character

By- Alex

Dahlia is a new Genshin Impact character who is reported to have Heterochromia, with two different colored irises.

New leaked images of Dahlia's design have surfaced, providing clearer views compared to older and blurry pictures

Dahlia has Heterochromia, as one eye is lavender, and the other is grey and he adorns different layers of clothing

These leaks are part of the massive flood of Fontaine content leaked on June 19, 2023.

While it is suggested that Dahlia might come from Mondstadt, it's important to note that aspects of his design may still change

Dahlia is expected to be released as a playable character in one of the upcoming Fontaine updates.

Leaks indicate that Dahlia is a Hydro Catalyst user, although the full details of his kit are yet to be revealed

Rosaria, a character from Mondstadt, has mentioned Dahlia and referred to him as a Deacon for the Church of Favonius

Unless there are naming mistakes in the leaks, it is likely that the boy with Heterochromia is indeed the Deacon referred to as Dahlia.