Genshin Impact Lion Dance Boy: new Fontaine character design leaks

By- Alex

A character known as "Lion Dance Boy" was revealed in the Genshin Impact leaks, but his official name is yet to be disclosed.

"Lion Dance Boy" is associated with the concept of a Lion Dance, a routine mimicking a lion's movement popular in Chinese festivals.

The leaked renders of the character show variations in color and clothing, with references to real-life lion dance costumes.

It is uncertain which character design will be finalized, as the leaks have shown that many character concepts undergo changes during development.

The leaked information suggests that "Lion Dance Boy" will be a 4-star unit from Liyue and will be released in one of the updates after Version 4.0, but no specific release date is provided.

The character is scheduled to be playable in one of the upcoming updates for the Fontaine region, although the specific update is unconfirmed.

The characters for 4.0 and 4.1 banners have already been leaked, indicating that Lion Boy won’t be released anytime soon.