Genshin Impact Sigewinne: new leaks on Hydro Bow character from 4.x updates

By- Alex

A recent leak by prominent leaker Tao revealed the first images of a new character named Sigewinne in Genshin Impact.

The leaked concept art suggests that Sigewinne may be a bartender character, similar to Mondstadt's Diona, as depicted by her swirling water vortex and dropped drinks.

Sigewinne is expected to debut as a four-star Hydro Bow character, but this rarity is not yet confirmed.

Limited information is available about Sigewinne, but her leaked 3D model and design suggest a child-like character with potential healing abilities.

 Sigewinne's attire, including a small hat with a red ribbon and a stethoscope with a heart-shaped object, hints at her potential playstyle.

She possesses unique physical features like ears and a small tail, indicating her Rabbit origin, distinguishing her from other characters in the game.

Sigewinne represents a different race within the world of Genshin Impact, alongside other characters like Lynette, who exhibit feline attributes, adding diversity to the game's lore.

The inclusion of different races adds depth and variety to the gameplay experience, and speculation suggests that Sigewinne may belong to the Melusine race introduced in the recent 3.8 Livestream.

However, Sigewinne's release is not expected to be part of Fontaine's initial patches, as most of the character lineup for the region has already been revealed.