Genshin Impact Waghild: upcoming Fontaine character aka Chibi Nurse

By- Alex

Waghild is a character in Genshin Impact who was leaked but had limited information revealed, including her 3D model and element.

Waghild's attire includes a small hat with a long red ribbon and ornaments such as a stethoscope with a heart-shaped object, suggesting a possible healer playstyle.

She has a child-like appearance, similar to characters like Klee and Qiqi, but her playable kit and role in a party are unknown.

Waghild is associated with the region of Fontaine, according to a post from Xwides Impact, but her release date is not yet known.

Leaked information suggests that Waghild will be a 5-star Hydro character wielding the Catalyst weapon, although this information may be subject to change.

Her attire and concept art hint at her potential role as a healer, including a nurse outfit.

Waghild's physical features, such as her pair of ears and small tail, indicate she belongs to a unique race, possibly of Rabbit origin.

Unlike most leaked characters in Genshin Impact, Waghild has distinct physical features that differentiate her race.

In the future, dataminers may provide more information about Waghild if her model appears in the game's story