GTA 6 leak hacker in court with new details revealed

18-year-old Arion Kurtaj, the hacker behind the massive GTA 6 gameplay leak, was found guilty by a UK jury in August. He published some of the stolen footage online and blackmailed Rockstar Games, threatening to release the game’s source code.

Kurtaj appeared in court via video call from Feltham prison. His sentencing has been postponed until later this month.

Kurtaj did not stand trial due to being deemed unfit by psychiatrists. He has been detained under the Mental Health Act as the judge believes he is suffering from a mental illness.

The prosecutor, Kevin Barry, highlighted the seriousness of Kurtaj’s crimes, stating that customers had their data stolen and their lives turned upside down.

David Miller, defending Kurtaj, argued that there was no serious harm in the GTA VI hack and it is insignificant compared to the game’s overall anticipation/production.

Kurtaj and a 17-year-old accomplice conducted several crimes together. The accomplice, who also has autism, was in court wearing a smart white shirt.

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