Helldivers 2 Leaks: New Stratagems & Illuminate Faction

User stodal recently dug through the game files and shared their findings on reddit. The datamine hinted at several unused stratagems in the code, including “Nuke,” “MiniMissiles,” and “MedicBackpack.”

Fans speculate the “BugThumper” could be a new version of the Distractor Beacon from the original Helldivers based on its past functionality. The files also contained references to “DropoffCombatWalker,” which Helldivers 2’s Game Director Johan Pilestedt had previously confirmed as the codename for mechs planned for a future update.

The datamine also contained multiple references to the Illuminate, an enemy faction from the first Helldivers. While their appearance in the sequel was long-rumored, this datamine offers the first solid evidence of the faction’s return

The uncovered enemy types for the Illuminate include Adept, Ghoul, Illusionist, Obelisk Fire, Outcast, Pathfinder, and Summoner.

Players are theorizing over how the new stratagems could change up the gameplay. The medic backpack in particular could really alter the survival-focused co-op experience.

Fans are thrilled by the possibilities teased in this leak. It’s generated plenty of buzz and speculation as players eagerly await official details from Arrowhead on what’s next. For now, the datamine provides the best look yet at what likely awaits in future Helldivers 2 updates.

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