Helldivers 2: Mech Suits Release Date & Details

It’s been a month since the release of Helldivers 2, and many players have already managed to significantly increase their arsenal by unlocking all of the weapons, armor sets, and Stratagems available in the game.

The new Cutting Edge Warbond is releasing in less than a week’s time, giving players even more toys to spread managed democracy with. This new Warbond, however, is not even the most exciting thing rumored to be added to the game.

There have been many leaks and teasers over the last month about the upcoming Mech Suits, and some recent information has revealed that we might be really close to getting them.

The latest Major Order seems to be leading up to the release of the Mech Suits, with the task being the liberation of the Tien Kwan planet. Based on the in-game description, Tien Kwan is the ‘‘sole arsenal of new Exosuit technology,’’ and by liberating it, we are supposed to be able to access this tech.

Based on speculation and leaks, there are two possible dates on which the Mech Suits can arrive in Helldivers 2: March 10th, the end of the current Major Order, and March 14th, the release date of the Cutting Edge Warbond.

With the speculation between March 10th and March 14th, it’s very likely that we are going to be able to try the new Mech Suits within the next week. Hopefully, no delays happen, and the servers are able to remain stable so players are able to start spreading managed democracy from the safety of their brand new Mechs.

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