Hogwarts Legacy Updates Announced for Summer 2024

Hogwarts Legacy is set to release all-new updates and features this summer, as announced on the game’s official feed.

Content previously exclusive to PlayStation, including the Haunted Hogsmeade Quest, Hogsmeade Shop, and shopkeeper cosmetic, will be released on other platforms later this summer.

While there are no concrete release dates for the upcoming changes, fans are asked to stay tuned in the coming months for further details

Hogwarts Legacy is currently available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch. It’s unclear if the PlayStation exclusives will launch all at once or roll out across each platform over time.

Hogwarts Legacy continues to thrive and was a major success in 2023, with rumors of a sequel already in the works. Data from Circana suggested that Hogwarts Legacy was the best-selling game of 2023.

The developers did not elaborate on the Hogwarts Legacy updates coming this summer, but it’s presumed that all-new quests and potentially unique mechanics will be added.

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