Honkai Star Rail 1.3 banners: All leaked characters and their release order

By- Alex

Honkai Star Rail's 1.3 update will introduce new playable characters, some of whom have appeared in the main story or teasers.

Leaks from primary data miners reveal the featured characters: Imbibitor Lunae Dan Heng, Fu Xuan, and Lynx.

The new characters showcase animation-heavy playstyles, aiming to outdo each other.

Honkai Star Rail v1.3 is expected to release on August 30, 2023, after Kafka's banner ends.

The update will run for 42 days, divided into two phases of 21 days each.

First phase: Imbibitor Lunae Dan Heng (5-star Destruction Imaginary) from August 30 to September 20.

 Second phase: Fu Xuan (5-star Preservation Quantum) and Lynx (4-star Abundance Quantum) from September 20 to October 11.

 Players can find information on the characters' kits and gameplay animations online.

Fans of Honkai Star Rail can anticipate the new characters' arrival and experience their unique abilities during the v1.3 update.