Honkai Star Rail 1.5 Brilliant Fixation Warp event: Release date, all Light Cones, and more

Phase two of Honkai Star Rail's 1.5 update arrives with the Brilliant Fixation Warp event on December 6, 2023, at 12 am server time, introducing the Argenti banner.

The Brilliant Fixation Warp event runs until December 26, 2023, featuring the Light Cone banner with the 5-star "An Instant Before A Gaze" and three 4-star options.

The 5-star Light Cone boosts Argenti's prowess with a 36% CRIT DMG increase and amplifies Ultimate DMG based on Max Energy, up to 180 Energy points.

Three 4-star Light Cones offer unique benefits: increased ATK and CRIT Rate, enhanced Energy Regeneration, and improved DMG from follow-up attacks.

Notably, the 4-star Light Cones don't align with the featured characters on the Argenti banner in version 1.5, prompting players to consider strategic nuances for optimal team compositions.

As players prepare for the Brilliant Fixation Warp event, the WebStory hints at the evolving landscape of Honkai Star Rail and the anticipation surrounding the upcoming 1.6 update

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