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The Forgotten Hall Store in Honkai Star Rail is set to introduce seven new Light Cones in the upcoming 2.0 update, enhancing the gameplay experience.

The seven new Light Cones, each corresponding to a different path, have been confirmed via the latest leaks from Team Chikawa.

Each Light Cone offers unique abilities, ranging from increasing attack power and critical damage to restoring health and boosting effect resistance.

Four of the new Light Cones appear to be the 4-star signature Light Cones of characters Sam, Gallagher, Sunday, and Sparkle.

The Hunt, Erudition, and Nihility Light Cones look particularly promising, offering benefits for characters like Serval in Pure Fiction and Blade.

The update also introduces a new Whimsicality feature, which causes a fixed amount of damage to all enemies when the cumulative damage caused by additional attacks reaches 100%.

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