Honkai: Star Rail Leaks Xueyi's Kit and Combat Animations



NOVEMBER 18, 2023

Version 1.6 introduces Xueyi, a versatile four-star Quantum character with potential AoE damage.

Xueyi's Arrival in Honkai: Star Rail 1.6

The update includes new content such as Stagnant Shadow stages, Light Cones, and a permanent game mode called Pure Fiction.

Exciting Content in the Update

Players have the chance to obtain a free four-star character, Lynx, with healing and cleansing abilities.

Free Character Opportunity

Xueyi's combat animations showcase aggressive gameplay with dual-dagger attacks and the ability to throw one of the daggers like a spear.

Xueyi's Aggressive Gameplay

Xueyi's kit includes skills like "Obliteration of Evil," "Ten Lords' Verdict of Karmic Atonement," "Immediate Execution," and the ultimate skill "Divine Punishment.

Leaked Xueyi Kit

Players on Reddit praise Xueyi's animations, finding them impressive and even comparing them favorably to some five-star characters.

Player Reactions and Impressions

Version 1.6 will also feature reruns for Kafka and Blade, limited-time events for valuable items, and the addition of new banners like Dr. Ratio and Ruan Mei.

Additional Update Highlights

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