Industry’s Most Realistic Destruction Effects to Feature in the Next Battlefield Game

Battlefield has always been known for its destructibility, with players able to bring down entire buildings with various weapons. The lack of destruction effects in Battlefield 2042 was a major disappointment.

Battlefield 4 introduced a game-changing mechanic called ‘Levolution’ that altered maps midway through play due to massive destructive changes.

Ripple Effect, a studio working on the next Battlefield game, has posted a job listing for a ‘Senior 3D Artist’ to create ‘the most realistic and exciting destruction effects in the industry.’

The mission is ambitious, especially with the recent release of games like The Finals, created by ex-Battlefield developers, which currently boasts unparalleled destructive capabilities.

The Battlefield franchise has been slipping down the charts, with Battlefield 2042 being referred to as the worst game in the franchise’s history.

If Ripple Effect and other associated studios under EA can deliver on the promise of realistic destruction effects, the next Battlefield game (tentatively referred to as Battlefield 6) could mark a return to form for the franchise.

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