Insights from Microsoft’s Internal Meeting Revealed Prior to Xbox Updates

Amidst circulating rumors about the future of the Xbox brand, Microsoft held a town hall meeting to address the state of the company.

Xbox head Phil Spencer reassured employees that Xbox hardware will continue beyond the current generation Xbox Series X|S.

Xbox president Sarah Bond emphasized the company’s strategy of existing on multiple devices and their ambition to become the number one cross-platform gaming company.

To illustrate this strategy, images of the surprise hit Palworld were shown on various devices, including TVs, mobile devices, tablets, and even handheld devices.

There were even jokes about an Xbox handheld among the employees. However, Microsoft has not responded to multiple inquiries about this rumored device.

Xbox is expected to announce plans to bring some first-party games over to other platforms. The first two games are set to be Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment.

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