IShowSpeed accidentally  leaks Ninja's celebrity-filled Discord

By- Alex

YouTube streamer IShowSpeed teams up with Fortnite legend Ninja and other major broadcasters to dive into the highly anticipated Fortnite OG season, promising a mix of nostalgia and fresh excitement.

As the crew navigates through the new season, the on-stream energy turns chaotic with a blend of in-game action and off-screen hijinks, setting the stage for unexpected events.

 IShowSpeed accidentally spills the beans by leaking the invite link to Ninja's private Discord server, unleashing a wave of celebrity mayhem.

Ninja reveals the star-studded lineup on his Discord, featuring Drake, Travis Scott, Marshmello, Juju, and a roster of top Fortnite players. The aftermath? Ninja had to "nuke" the channel due to inappropriate content flooding in.

IShowSpeed, realizing his mistake, expresses remorse on-stream. Ninja, frustrated by the situation, narrates the chaos and the necessity to take down the Discord server. The aftermath leaves both streamers in an awkward position.

This isn't the first time IShowSpeed accidentally spills the beans. Past incidents include revealing his and Kai Cenat's location and exposing YouTube star KSI's phone number, adding a layer of recurring drama to his streaming career.

The fallout raises questions about the fate of Ninja's private Discord. Will he be able to rebuild the exclusive community, or is this the end of a star-studded gaming hub?