Johnson 'Gryffinn' Le, former LoL NA player, wishes to join LCK

By- Alex

Johnson 'Gryffinn' Le, a young North American League of Legends player, is attempting to enter South Korea's LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea).

Gryffinn had his first tryout with an unnamed LCK organization on July 10 and has more tryouts scheduled for the following days.

 Since arriving in Korea on June 21, Gryffinn has garnered attention from LCK organizations and was allegedly approached by a Korean organization on the same day.

In 2022, Gryffinn helped NoTeam reach the LCS Proving Grounds and later joined CCG Esports as a substitute

Gryffinn achieved rank one in the North American Challenger with a high win rate while juggling League and attending school full-time.

On July 9, after just two months in South Korea, Gryffinn reached the Grandmaster rank with a 68 percent win rate.

Gryffinn does not speak Korean and communicates primarily through pings and basic English terms used by players from all regions.