Kick wishes to sign Pokimane despite recent criticism

By- Alex

 Kick CEO Ed Craven has expressed a strong desire to work with Pokimane despite her criticism of the platform.

Pokimane has publicly stated that she would never sign with Kick, even for a large sum of money, due to ethical concerns.

The CEO revealed that they had discussions about signing Pokimane but believes she does not want to work with them.

 It is unclear if Kick actually made an offer to Pokimane, but her criticism of the platform has intensified recently

Despite the criticism, the CEO remains open to the possibility of signing Pokimane and considers the team to be fans of her content.

Banned Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect is reportedly in talks with Kick, requesting a deal worth $50 million, half of xQc's deal.

However, it is uncertain if Pokimane's rejection could lead to Dr Disrespect joining Kick.