KSI and Logan Paul's Golden Prime Contest: A $500,000 Hunt

By- Alex

 KSI and Logan Paul have turned their 2022-launched drink line, Prime, into a sensation, causing store sell-outs and self-checkout machine malfunctions in some areas.

To celebrate Prime's approaching billionth bottle sale, KSI and Logan Paul introduced the "Golden Prime Contest.

The contest offers a $500,000 solid gold Prime bottle, fueling excitement among fans.

Two gold bottles will be hidden in New York and London, extending the contest's global appeal.

Within 48 hours, participants have to find out a six-digit code in order to claim their prize before the bottle burns out.

YouTube engineer Mark Rober crafted the unique security system for the bullet-proof glass boxes.

The contest begins on November 10, 2023, in New York and London, enticing fans with a thrilling opportunity to win big.