League of Legends 12.23 patch notes jungle changes, major tank buffs

By- Aamir

Patch 12.23 for League of Legends is set to go live on December 7, 2022, exactly on time.

There were going to be troubles early in Season 13 due to the plethora of jungle adjustments. LoL patch 12.23 is a first attempt to address all of them, including exploits and basic balancing.

Riot is aware of the mid-lane funnel strategy centred on numerous champions acquiring the new jungle pets and has a patch planned for the December update.

Specific camps will have lower auto attack ranges, but all camps will have new leash ranges to make it easier for champions to kite and move.

With the reshuffling of gold and experience across the map, as well as new items favouring fighters and duelists, several tanks have struggled to gain a foothold.

"If we notice negative meta effects as a result of Heartsteel or Tank meta, we'll react, but we'll let it play out for now to stabilise," Leung-Harrison explained. "Buffs for tanks"

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