League of Legends Soul Fighter event and new skins gets official reveal

By- Alex

 The Soul Fighter event in League of Legends is set to launch with patch 13.14 on Thursday, July 19, 2023.

The event aims to captivate players across various Riot titles and provide an unforgettable summer experience in the League of Legends universe.

The animated teaser trailer, titled "Enter the Arena," showcases League of Legends champions preparing for a tournament-like battle in a grand coliseum.

Each champion possesses a unique type of soul power, and those who wield this power are invited to participate in the tournament-themed event.

The ultimate prize for the victor is a "Soul Shard," a powerful artifact capable of granting a single wish.

Champion skins revealed in the teaser trailer include Soul Fighter Sett, Gwen, and Samira, as well as exclusive Wild Rift skins for Draven, Nilah, and Irelia.

Leaked information suggests additional Soul Fighter skins for champions like Lux, Evelynn, Viego, Jhin, Naafiri, Pyke (Prestige), Shaco (Prestige), and Samira (Ultimate).

The Soul Fighter event will introduce new champion skins, a 2v2v2v2 game mode, a new side mode, the Darkin champion Naafiri, and an ultimate skin for Samira.

It will span across multiple Riot titles, including League of Legends, Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra.