LEGO Fortnite Leaks: Traders, Compass & Enemies

A lot of new content for LEGO Fortnite has been leaked recently, courtesy of the FNBRNewsJP twitter account. Lots of new items, enemies, and things to build will be added soon to the game.

Peddling Traders are new NPCs that will be coming soon to the game. They are going to be split into three categories: Wolf, Fox, and Raccoon, each offering different types of trades.

You can create a zipline by connecting it to other poles. This will add a new dimension to the gameplay.

The game will introduce a catapult and a cannon. The catapult can be used to destroy things from a distance, and the cannon can be used to shoot shells or to fly far away.

A new creature called the “Horn Beetle” is scheduled to appear in LEGO Fortnite in the future. It will also drop its horns to be used for a material.

A variety of food potions will be introduced, including meat stew, vegetable stew, cactus fruit, smoothie, carrot, banana, watermelon, blueberry, raspberry, cherry, coconut, sandwiched egg, cookie,

mushroom, lemon-lime, blueberry pie, apple juice, Raspberry juice, blueberry juice, carrot juice, night bloom petals. Bonus added foods include apples + dark apple juice and pumpkin pear pie.

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