Lethal Company Version 45 Patch Notes: New Items and Changes

Developer Zeekerss has released the first major content update for Lethal Company, bringing a mix of lighter seasonal additions and impactful gameplay changes.

Players can now decorate walls with spray paint, find dramatic masks for their characters, and encounter classic nutcrackers outfitted with deadly guns.

The force of gravity has been made more dangerous, adding to the environmental hazards players need to navigate. Optimizations have also been made to the Mansion map generation.

The update includes the addition of chemistry flasks, dramatic masks, nutcrackers with guns, and spray paint cans. It also introduces a “Flash” command to radar boosters, a new “signal translator” item for ships, keybind settings, increased fall damage from gravity, improvements to Mansion map generation, and a new arachnophobia accessibility mode.

The combination of new decorative items and hardcore gameplay changes could drastically affect the strategies players have become accustomed to.

The Version 45 update for Lethal Company was released on December 9, 2023. The date for the next update has not been announced yet.

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