LinkedIn Leak: Naughty Dog’s New IP in the Pipeline

Naughty Dog has been relatively quiet this gen when it comes to releasing new titles. However, the studio is busy creating a lot of projects behind the scenes. One of these rumored games is said to be a part of an entirely new IP.

An illustrator at the studio, Colin Lorimer, has allegedly confirmed those rumors. The LinkedIn profile of the dev reveals that he is prepping the studio’s “latest IP.”

 The Last of Us Online was previously all the hype in the gaming scene. However, the project was officially canned because Naughty Dog refused to become a live service studio. The devs instead wanted to focus on developing more single-player entries.

The nature and setting of the game in development for the new IP are currently up in the air. However, a new IP was also teased in The Last of Us Part 1 in the form of images that were out of place completely. The hung pictures on a soft board all shared a similar fantasy theme, teasing that the latest IP could be based around it.

The description on LinkedIn could be outdated, and plans may have changed by Naughty Dog. There are also low chances where the wording “latest IP” actually does not imply a new IP by The Last of Us developers at all.

Potential New IP Regardless, going by the many unannounced projects that are in development by the team, the existence of a new IP seems palpable.

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