LoL New Champion Smolder - Leaked Abilities & Ingame Model

Riot Games recently teased the upcoming dragon ADC, Smolder, for League of Legends. Expected to be released in early Season 14, leaked details about Smolder’s abilities and in-game model have already surfaced.

Smolder’s abilities are fire-themed, as expected for a dragon ADC. Leaked in-game images show Smolder ‘spitting fire’ on the Summoner’s Rift.

Smolder’s passive, Dragon Practice, increases his basic ability damage. His abilities include Super Scorcher Breath, Achooo!, Flap, Flap, Flap, and MMOOOMMMM, each with unique effects and damage.

Smolder is said to embody the characteristics of a typical ADC, requiring players to focus on farming and positioning. It remains to be seen whether Smolder will become a classic in the League of Legends roster or fade into obscurity.

While the official release date for Smolder is yet to be confirmed, it is highly probable that he will debut in League of Legends at the start of  Season 14.

Stay tuned for updates on Smolder, the exciting new addition to the game!

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