LoL: New Ezreal And Seraphine Skins Leaked


Skins are a significant aspect of the League of Legends universe and its community, leading to much speculation about upcoming skins.

With the new year approaching, every champion is available for their new annual skin, creating excitement about which champion fits in what skin line.

Recent leaks reveal information about bot laners Ezreal and Seraphine, two fan favorites.

Infamous leaker BigBadBear mentioned that Ezreal will be getting a second Prestige skin, which seems to be related to Lunar New Year or at least coming soon.

Seraphine is also expected to get a new skin. While not confirmed, BigBadBear hinted that it might be “Battle ____ Seraphine”, possibly a Battle Academia, Battle Queen, or some sort of Anima Squad Battle Bunny skin.

BigBadBear shared that he has more leaks, but they don’t seem trustworthy for now. He plans to return at a later date with more information.

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