LoL: New Prestige Skin Chroma Splash Art Leaked

League of Legends is set to introduce 4 new prestige chromas with stunning splash art for Kai’Sa, Janna, Master Yi, and Corki skins.

Exclusive details about the upcoming release of these new Prestige Skin Chromas and Splash Art have been unveiled by leakers.

The source of this leak can be traced back to the CN server, indicating its authenticity.

Despite the leak originating from the CN server, these highly-anticipated chromas will soon be available on all servers, making them accessible to players worldwide.

The leaked Prestige Skin Chromas and their corresponding Splash Arts include Dragonwing Corki Meteorite, Heavenscale Janna Obsidian, Heavenscale Kai’Sa Obsidian, and Heavenscale Master Yi Obsidian.

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